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Helping others has always been who I am. My Father recognized this in me at the young age of just 4 years old. It has always been in me to help others, so it only makes sense to move in that direction and so I do.

First as a Nurses Aide and then a Nurse. I have enjoyed many years in the Medical Profession. My first position as a nurse was working for two Doctors { a married couple} at their office Dr S and Dr N. Not their real names, but that’s what everyone called them…Other Physicians, Nurses and Patients alike. I believe only they themselves could pronounce their own name.

He was an Internist and she a Cardiologist. I being their only nurse, performed all test they ordered, from Blood Test and X-Rays to Heart Monitoring and Stress Testing. The pay was so low that I dare not even speak it. The experience however was priceless and for that I am thankful.

I went on from there to work in a small Hospital {less than 200 beds} then onto an Assistant Director of Nursing position, working with the elderly then onto Home Health, where I met with my first real encounter with CPR.

I was new to Home Health and was with another nurse whom was training me in my new position. Caroline and I sat at the kitchen table with our clients/patients, an elderly married couple.

Mr X had just stepped away to retrieve something from another room. When suddenly Mrs. X stopped breathing and fell forward. That’s right talking one moment and heart stops the next. Caroline and I acted quickly. We had been trained in life saving CPR and knew just what to do. Assessing for unresponsiveness as we simultaneously called to Mr X to call 911.

We had that women on the floor and performing CPR before you could blink. We started mouth to mouth and chest compressions like we had done it a thousand times. Not to brag but when you are faced with a situation like that, well lets just say that all the CPR classes paid off!

Caroline in a dress and full makeup {including bright red lipstick} We started where we were… Caroline gave two quick breath’s while I found my landmark and started chest compressions. It went on for at least 15 minutes and as the Emergency Medical Response Team arrived, Mrs. X began breathing on her own and opened her eyes.


smiling elderly person

Mrs X

Mrs. X made a full recovery and lived on for many years after that. It was a good day! We had a made a real difference and saved a life. Mr and Mrs. X we’re grateful to be given a second chance to continue their journey on together while leaving an amazing legacy of a happy life-long marriage. We were very proud at the way Mr. X stayed calm and Dialed 911{a rotary phone and for you youngster’s, this was not a touch screen} As we were leaving, our eyes met for a brief moment as he climbed into the ambulance and took up his place beside his young bride… I saw the tears of gratitude form in his eyes.

I after a few years went back to the Hospital, then tried Home Health again. From there to a Traveling Nurse position {Short lived and not for everyone} to Hospital Agency then back to the Hospital, where I have been for the last 18 years and more specifically Postpartum for the last 10 years. I am now a Certified American Heart Association Instructor.

I began my life-long Nursing Career as a Nurse working for a Cardiologist and now as a Certified American Heart Association Instructor I feel I have come full circle

I believe that everyone should and can learn how to make a difference and safe a life.

I have lost several loved ones to Sudden Cardiac Arrest, with no one near them that knew what to do. A call was placed for emergency personal but unfortunately, it was not enough.

It is because of those and other life experiences that I have chosen to use my personal and professional expertise to help others to make a difference and save a life.

Please won’t you call today? It could make a difference for you and most certainly for the person you help to save.

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